Date Night Ideas

Keep It Original:
Become a Connoisseur
Boot Camp
Take a Cooking Class
Backwards Date
Play Paparazzi
Create a Character
The Long Distance Date
The Good Deed
Take an Acting Class
Survey Says
Pay It Forward
Kidding Around

The Standards:
Dinner & a Movie
Comedy Club
The Fair
The Progressive Dinner
Art Museum
Game Night
Go to the Zoo
Theme Park
Rock Climbing
Ice/Roller Skating

Easy on the Pocketbook:
Build a Fort
Flex the Netflix
Happy Hour
Go on a Bike Ride
Fly a Kite
Take a Hike
Rent a Series
Picnic in the Park
Dance in the Rain
Go for a Walk
Play Hide N Seek
Watch Sunrise/Sunset
Set up a Lemonade Stand
The Dollar Date
Take a Swim
Library/ Bookstore 
Wash your cars together
Go People Watching
Indoor Camping

The Splurge:
Next Flight?

Double Date:
Choose a Theme
Flash Mob
Poker Tournament