Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Group Date Idea: Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is one of my favorite group activities.  You get to hang out with friends, run around town, and then end up with a whole bunch of silly photos and great memories.  Schedule a night to hang out with a big group of friends.  Make sure there are enough cameras for each team!  See below for scavenger hunt rules and photo list. What are some more scavenger hunt photo list ideas you have?

Scavenger Hunt Rules (To Print this click HERE)
The object of the game is to take as many pictures on the list as you can within an hour and a half.  Players will be 
put into teams of appx 4 people. The first team with the most points wins! Teams may not split up to take pictures 
faster) Players must obey all laws at all times, especially speed limits and traffic laws while driving.  Please be 
mindful of safety.  If a  team is discovered to be playing unfairly/ not by the rules, they will be disqualified.  A 
picture of “all team members” imust be taken by someone who is not a team member. Only one picture per item 
will be counted. All team members must stay together at all times. A late team will be docked 5 points per minute 
past the deadline. +2 points for every picture you are in height order (only with “all team” shots). All photos 
become the sole property of the organizer and may be posted on the internet  
_____ 1. A team member in a boat  (15 pts), all team members in a boat (20 pts), all team  
              members in a boat with life jackets on (25 pts),  

_____ 2. All team members with a police officer (10pts),  A team members in the backseat of a patrol car (20 pts)  

_____ 3. A team member with a horse (5 pts), a team member riding a horse (20 pts)  
_____ 4. A team member at least 10 feet off the ground in a tree (5 pts)  
_____ 5. A car or truck older than 1950 (10 pts), a convertible car older than 1950 (15 pts)  

_____ 6. All team members on a firetruck (30 pts)  

_____ 7. A guy playing a guitar on a street corner (5 pts) A team member singing a song        
              with a guy playing a guitar on a street corner (10 pts)  

_____ 8. All team members on a stage (10 pts)  

_____ 9. All team members wearing funny hats (10 pts)  

_____ 10. A team member riding a bike (10 pts)  
_____ 11. Your team sharing a soda at the same time (everyone with their own straw) (10 pts) 

_____ 12. A team member with a nonteam member that look alike (20 pts)  
_____ 13. A team member in a freezer case (ie at grocery store, liquor store, etc) (10 pts) 

_____ 14. A team member and a person wearing a uniform (5 pts) All team members with a     
                person wearing a uniform.  

_____ 15. One team member pumping a non team-member’s gas while another team member cleans the  
                same cars windows. (10 pts) 

_____ 16. A team member walking someone’s dog (10 pts) 

_____ 17. A team member eating at a hot dog stand/taco truck/food cart. (10 pts) 

_____ 18. 2 Team members mummified in toilet paper (no body part showing) & holding hands. (10 pts) 

_____ 19. A team member in the front store display window (10 pts) All team members in 
                the front store display window. (15 pts) 

_____ 20. A team member on playground equipment. (5 pts) 

_____ 21.  A team member with a statue that is taller than them (15 pts) 

_____ 22. All team members bare feet in a circle (5 pts) 

_____ 23. All team members in a doghouse. (20 pts)  

_____ 24. All team members walking thru an automated car wash (20 pts) 

_____ 25. Entire Team jumping in the air (must be off ground) (5 pts) 

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  1. I am planning my wife's birthday party and doing a scavenger hunt and came across your page. Great job! looks like u guys had a lot of fun!