Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Mighty Fine Date Night

Monday night was my first Date Night EVENT.  Earlier this month, I was asked to take part in a city-wide project to promote and encourage the culture of date night. and joined together with churches across Austin, Tx to champion and encourage marriage investment.  I was very excited when I got an email asking for help to organize my church's pilot date night. Basically our main goal was to present an opportunity...something to do... for a couples date night.  Couples were instructed to arrive at Mighty Fine by 6pm and were surprised with a fully comped dinner.   Though Mighty Fine dining consists of a string of picnic tables, we made separate spaces for each couple to keep things as intimate as possible.  We placed candles and red roses at each setting and even had some conversation starters to get things going.  Overall it was a great success!  

(Austinites: contact me if you are interested to learn more about all the Date Night Events occurring throughout Austin every Monday in August.)

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  1. Hello Tiffany, I am definitely interested in learning more about the Date Night Events coming up!