Monday, June 6, 2011

Date Night Idea:
Go to the Farmers Market

As a couple that really, REALLY enjoys food, this date is definitely in Ramy and my top 10 favorite dates.  The basic premises is to go to the market together... Just the two of you, with intentions of buying the ingredients for your next meal (don't worry about stocking up for the next week...that is not what this date is all about.)  

Be inspired by what is in season and what looks fresh. And think in courses... grab something to snack on while you are cooking.  (We often get some fresh bread and great olive oil and vinegar...maybe some olives.) Do a little something for an appetizer and then splurg on your main entree... Go for it... buy that piece of steak or lobster you want... it would cost 3x price if you ordered it a restaurant!  And don't forget dessert. (Perhaps some fresh fruit or pastries at from the bakery)  

Now make dinner together and enjoy one another in the kitchen!

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