Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inexpensive Date Night:
Gaze at the Stars

image courtesy of astroviewer.com
I grew up in LA where I was lucky if more than a handful of stars peered through the oversaturated smoggy sky.  And still I was so mesmerized and curious by the celestial sphere.  I took every chance to look through a telescope or venture over to the Griffith Park Observatory (one of my favorite places!). I made sure to take astronomy classes in college and memorized many of the constellations that make up the great night sky.  I even got a telescope for my birthday a few years back.  Now that I live in Austin, I find myself wandering outside every so often in awe at the many lights that sparkle down on me.

So for my next date night, here is what I am thinking:
Late night picnic in our backyard...maybe dessert and drinks, a big blanket, some mosquito, bug repellant.  I can dust of the telescope or even just print out the current night sky map (for your city sky check out here.) and we can hang out, talk, and gaze at the stars.  Let's hope for a clear night!


  1. Another tool if you don't have a telescope, or a galaxy map, is download Google Sky app on Android (not sure about iphone), and aim your phone at the sky, and know exactly what you are looking at :) I wander outside and do this by myself a lot and just thank God for shining all that beauty on me :)

  2. That is awesome. I need to check and see if they have that for iPhone. I bet they do. I must get it! Thanks for the tip!

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