Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Mini Date

Okay, so we all get busy... sometimes too busy for each other.  One week will be so hectic, you will decide to skip date night and then before you know it a month will go by without time out together. 

And sometimes this is just unavoidable.  

Q: So what do you do when you can't get a full evening out of the house...
A: Find time for a mini date!

Here are a few {mini} date ideas:

- Take a walk 
- Hold hands while you are out
- Take pictures in a photo booth (do this every time you come across one!)
- Hold your breath together when driving through a tunnel
- Feed the ducks
- Play a short game of frisbee
- Get up early to watch the sunrise or take a moment to watch the sunset
- Hold a kiss for one elevator ride (might be best to make sure the elevator is empty)
- Go out for some Gourmet Express (otherwise known as the Drive Thru restaurant)
- Pick out dessert at a bakery while you are out earlier in the day and enjoy 15 minutes after dinner to have dessert just the two of you. 
- Count how many times you can kiss in passing after you get home from work etc.
- Find a fountain and take turns making wishes
- Schedule a time to meet for ice cream.  Enjoy the 10 minutes together and then head back out on your separate ways.
- Take a 20 minute swim break together

What mini date ideas do you have?


  1. Lunch is a great mini-date for us. We grab a meal together at our local cafe and catch up on our day (or days, if it's been awhile). It works well because the kids are in school so babysitting is covered and we have to eat anyway! We might as well do it together when we can. : )

  2. Have a listening party. Bring your favorite music via CD or MP3 and sit quietly taking turns sharing tunes.