Sunday, June 19, 2011

Inexpensive Date Night Ideas:
The Pool Hang / Homemade Hot Tub

It has been so hot this summer that any excuse to go to the pool is a good one...especially late night after the kids are to bed.  Which tends to be my favorite time for a dip in the pool cus I can just relax with my guy and let the whole day roll away, if even just for 30 minutes.

Today I was doing a little research for inexpensive date ideas and came across the Homemade Hot Tub Under Moonlight date night.  I couldn't help but fall apart laughing.  The idea requires an inflatable pool (no real hot tubs allowed) and a hose to tap into the water heater.  Moonlight and mango smoothies were also suggested.

You have to check this out: The Homemade Hot Tub.

Please let me know if anyone of you ACTUALLY do this...and make sure to get pictures!

Disclaimer: I am sure that this could be dangerous, so proceed at your own discretion!


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