Monday, April 11, 2011

Date Night Idea: The Progressive Dinner

Progressive Dinner \prə-ˈgre-siv ˈdi-nər\ (n):
a meal where each course is served at a different location.

This is definitely one of my favorite dates.  Probably cus after being couped up in suburbia with the kids all week, I want to feel like I really got out and had a night on the town.

Wanna try it on your next date?  Here's How:
Pick three places.  Consider the parking factor - it might be a good idea to choose locations you can walk to from one another.  Now delegate a course to each location.

For Example:
Location 1: Appetizers & Cocktails
Location 2: Main Course
Location 3: Dessert & Espresso

What's your favorite progressive dinner date?


  1. LOVE this idea, Tiffany. :)
    And, recently, my husband and I had a sort of progressive dinner-shopping trip, where we headed to publix to buy our dinner supplies. The rule? I pick the first dinner item/ingredient, he picked the next, then me, then him... We started with a couple of potatoes, and I think ended up having some fabulous steak dinner or something! It was fun to keep each other guessing when one would lead us down a random aisle as a head fake. SO much fun!

  2. My favorite progressive dinner... E. 6th St.
    1st empanadas at Buenos Aires
    2nd goat burger at the Good Night
    3rd creme brule at East Side Showroom
    4th Nightcap or Kombucha (on tap) at Cheer Up Charlies

    Total walking distance 5 blocks

  3. Sarah - i like! Im gonna have to try the goat burger!

  4. mandy - awesome idea! way to stir it up!

  5. For our anniversary one year we strolled through Whole Foods downtown : ) It was fun figuring out what we wanted for an appetizer, main course and dessert. Lots of choices all under one roof!

  6. me and my wife have been having so much fun creating progressive dates and trying new places... check out to find and share a date