Friday, April 22, 2011

The Fort Night Giveaway Reveal

And the winners are...

"Billy and I were really excited about building a fort, and because we couldn't build one together, we built two while on skype! Then we had a Dexter skype date while in our respective forts! So fun!" -Kat

Last week my better half carefully mentioned that I may have jumped the gun on a giveaway this soon, but I was so excited for it.  The excitement, however, slowly dissipated as the week went by, and there weren't any fort posts. But last night, when I received Kat & Billy's post, I was reminded that sometimes God has you do something for just one person (or couple in this case).  They are an awesome couple and truly deserving of this creative was that...had there been 50 entries they would have probably won anyway!  

Cheers to you two and email me for prize details!

As for the rest of you :) Happy Easter and please take today to remember how wonderful God is for the life he gave us!

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