Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tried & True: Sarah & Brian
The Emergency Date

This week's featured couple is Sarah & Brian from WoodenAle

written by Sarah M.
Brian and I have now been married eight wonderful months… wahoooo!  We have been very intentional this first year to fight the monotony that comes with our daily routines and busyness.  With that being said, Brian called an emergency date this week.  Here’s what happened…

Both of our work schedules have been all over the place for a few months, which hasn’t allowed us to keep a specific night of the week sacred for going out together.  Last week our schedules were such that we missed each other almost every morning and evening, only to reconvene for midnight snacks and then Zzz’s.  This left us both a little drained and needing some undivided attention from one another.  Sunday afternoon when Brian was done with work he came home and said, “That’s it, we’re going out!” much to my delight. 

Here’s how we started off on the wrong foot… Without really discussing the plans, I started putting on my fancy clothes (which means earrings and no flip-flops) and got prepared for a romantic date.  In the back of my mind I was thinking we could use our Groupon for this quiet Brazilian restaurant, so we could eat and chat the night away.  Brian was thinking how much fun it would be to see a comedy since we haven’t been to the movies since Harry Potter 12, and we could use a light-hearted event.  So we got in the car with our two different plans and started out towards a miserable first 35 minutes of a date (the opposite of what we needed). 

If it could have gone wrong in those 35 minutes, it did.  As we tried to grab a quick bite to eat in order to make it in time to the movie, we were bombarded by Reggae Fest traffic and then found the mobile Thai trailer we wanted to eat at was closed.  At which point, I spoke up about the deeper issue at hand being that we hadn’t communicated well in the beginning, this led to an argument.  As we coasted in to the Alamo Theater it felt less like a date, and more like we had just done P90X for the first time, as we were both worn out and hurting.  I took advantage of the short silence, grabbed his hand and said, “Maybe after the movie we could go somewhere quiet and talk.”  He agreed it was a good idea and we kissed on it.  He held my hand as we got out of the car.  We bounced our way inside the movie and had a really great laugh (and a godfather pizza).  The night ended in front of our neighborhood coffee shop.  We talked until I lost track of how long we had been talking. Date night success was achieved as we both gave in and decided to enjoy what the other one wanted to do.  Hopefully next time we’ll do a better job planning on that ahead of time.


  1. "...we kissed on it." One of my favorite couples!

  2. Good Save! This kind of thing happens so often to us too. I love the pics of you cute!

  3. Such is life.
    It just goes to say that the cliche saying of how important communication is isn't quite so cliche after all!
    So glad you were able to enjoy the vast majority of your date night!