Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to Become a Connoisseur

Become a Connoisseur on your next date.  It's easier than you may think! 

Here's how:

1. You and your mate choose a subject you want to explore.
2. Determine your budget and try as many as you can.
3. Now compare.
4. Choose your favorite.

Disclaimer: This may not be the exact rules on how to be "THE expert" on a subject, but you will your own expert and at the end of that day that's what matters.

This date came about because Ramy & I like to determine what we think is best by seeking out our new favorite (fill in the blank.)  It is a great date because it can be planned around your circumstantial variables such as budget, time, interest, location, and even whether or not you have a babysitter.

For example:

- I love chili dogs, so one evening Ramy & I went to the grocery store and bought every kind of store made chili they had to offer.  We probably spent a total of $20 between hot dogs, buns, and 7 different chili cans.  When we got home, we took out all the pots we had & made each can of chili (remembering which can belonged to which pot). Then we each took a tsp and tried each pot of chili.  All you need is a bite to really decipher what you like...(it wasn't like we ate 7 cans of chili between the two of us) We took a vote and now forever know how to make our favorite (easy grocery store bought) chili dog. This would make a great no babysitter date.  Just plan ahead, decide what you want to find the best of, get your ingredients, put the kids to bed and explore in the kitchen.

- For a more extravagant date, you could rent a limo (& possibly make this a double or group date) and go try margaritas at different restaurants across town.  Take a vote and choose a winner. This is one I have always wanted to do.

- The picture above, is from late last year, when Ramy & I had the good fortune to travel through Australia.  Every time we go to a new city, we seek out the very best espresso.  We ask people around town what they recommend, do our research online, & try out the places we pass by.  Ultimately, we find our favorite place everywhere we go...and consider ourselves (esp Ramy) Espresso Connoisseurs.

- Other things to explore: Find the best pizza, root beer, hamburger, ice cream....your city has to offer.

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